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But the first time I controlled Hawke, I had access to top-tier combat skills.Surrounded by Darkspawn on a hillside, I murdered with wild abandon. Cooldown periods and time penalties are just as integral as they were in Origins, but this time they happen at end of lightning fast moves. My backstab started with Hawke hurling an exploding flask to the floor, before reappearing behind an enemy and driving his main blade into their spine.To make Origins, Bio Ware dredged up buckets of backstory from the minds of their best writers.A new land was invented, branded with religious intolerance and inherent racism.It's still got a deep, complex combat system, and it's still got a well-defined supporting cast.But it's also an RPG that wears its mythology proudly, confident in its goal of charting the rise of a complete and utter badass. We expect our RPG heroes to experience a gradual learning process, gaining skill and abilities as they discover that, ahh, the pointy end of the sword is best inserted into an enemy.The whole move took a second to execute, and impacted flesh with a shudder-inducing squelch.

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He or she (your choice) starts Dragon Age 2 as a refugee from Lothering.

At the time of the hillside combat just described, he was making his way to the city of Kirkwall. The dwarf is being forced to tell Hawke's story by a mysterious woman dressed in the robes and symbols of Thedas' hyper-religious Chantry.