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17-Oct-2017 18:37

In a smaller canopy above the main dial, Nissan has also included an eco-counter, which uses telemetry to measure how eco-friendly your driving is. The more you drive, the more tree icons build up onscreen.In practice, these dials went from perceived gimmicks to essential tools, and they significantly changed the way I drove.Last year, the Nissan Leaf outsold all other electric cars at a ratio of 2:1, and it’s been the best-selling in the UK for the past four.I’ve driven the world’s best-selling electric cars for two weeks, and my opinion of it might surprise you.Nissan was a hard working company with strict deadlines and a fast pace environment I held a lot of different duties while I was with the company and learnt some new skills that's helped me along in life Typical day at work includes architecture, POC coding, development. I am grateful for the experience Nissan gave me and helped build my confidence. Workplace culture is good but too much "by the book" attitude. The only downfall from working at Nissan was it was a 0 hour contract and I only got called in now and again, I am hoping to get a steady job that will benefit me financially.The Leaf isn’t yet available with autonomous parking, but it does overlay guidelines on the camera feed, so it’s easy to park without grinding the alloy wheels or bumping the car behind.Pairing the Nissan with my i Phone via Bluetooth was easy, and from there I was able to play, pause and skip tracks simply by using the Nissan’s touchscreen, or via buttons on the wheel.

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During my work experience with the company I was given a good insight into the production of vehicles by them and what working life was like. Enjoyable workplace, meeting new people and making new friends is a plus.Otherwise, it’s neat, tidy and functional; if it weren’t for the space-age dials and Driving Mode selector, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a standard Nissan.

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